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Why organizations need to re-think how they invest in technology

Once the remit of the IT department, technology investment has now firmly cemented itself as business critical at all levels — from basement to boardroom — says Oracle’s Jason Rees.

As Head of Technology Cloud Engineering for Western Europe at Oracle, Rees has spent a great deal of the past 18 months helping organizations to meet shifting business and customer needs through technology.

“What we have seen a lot in the last year is the need for enterprises to look at not just how their workforces are working, but how they are actually making use of technology to make it easier for their employees to work, [and] for their customers and clients to interact and consume,” says Rees.

So with customer expectations changing faster than ever before, how can organisations harness technology to cater to the needs of the new normal? And what role can cloud technologies play in creating more adaptable organisations that are ready for the future?

In this interview, Rees joins Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, to discuss how transformation can enable the kinds of changes businesses need to make now to ensure they are fit for future demands.

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