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Delivering on its promises: How Packeta is shipping globally while staying local and sustainable

From a 10-employee office in the Czech Republic to a team of 1700 people across the globe, delivery service Packeta* has become an award-winning global digital ecommerce platform.

They deliver millions of parcels year after year and process vast amounts of data. They delivered millions of parcels last year and processes vast amounts of data. For such a fast-growing company, their digital-first and data-driven approach are essential ingredients for success. Working with Microsoft has enabled the company to grow fast, innovate and remain flexible for both its over 30000 ecommerce partners and its millions of customers.

Packeta is a great example of a very successful, digital native company that is keeping the lifelines of deliveries going at global level, while building a hyperlocal community and with sustainability, both societally and ecologically, at the core.

Customers can choose to have their packages delivered to their nearest most convenient pick-up place. For that, Packeta relies on a local network of dispensing points at retailers, shops and workshops across the country – which also creates new opportunities for those small businesses.

In the words of CEO Simona Kijonková, “I started the business with a dream,” she says, “It’s about to build – but for us it’s not about valuation or turnover, it’s about creating something the inhabitants of our small country in the middle of Europe would be proud of.”

* Packeta Group has 14 companies operating in 8 countries, and one of them is Czech Zásilkovna.

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