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NatWest: how a people-first bank is adapting for its customers

There are no two ways about it: to survive and thrive into the future, every business needs to be a tech business. And that goes well beyond the physical infrastructure.

“More than anything, to become a successful business in a digital world, it is about having the right people,” says Jennifer Tippin, Group Chief Transformation Officer at NatWest. “It is about having people with the right skills and the right background and experience, and having a fully inclusive and diverse workforce where people can develop and have fantastic careers.”

Just what capabilities do organisations need in order to embrace a digital-first, adaptable business model? And how can leaders manage this change most effectively?

In this interview, Tippin joins Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, to discuss how NatWest’s approach to talent transformation is equipping the bank with the skills and resources it needs to be truly digital.

Fujitsu: Building adaptability through human-centric innovation

To survive and thrive in times of rapid disruption, being able to continuously evolve at pace is essential. Through human-centric innovation, Fujitsu helps organizations worldwide to accelerate iterative yet holistic change that increases business, customer and societal value.

Find out more about Fujitsu and our enterprise transformation capabilities below. From Cloud and Applications, to Data and Emerging Technology Services; we can co-create your ideal solution for an adaptive future.

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